Your Travel SEO and Digital Marketing

Your Travel Group

Work Undertaken:

  • SEO Audit and ongoing SEO work
  • Social Media
  • Digital Strategy

Another fantastic and ongoing client of mine is a truly brilliant luxury travel company, Your Travel Group. I have worked with them for about 16 months now and thoroughly enjoy doing so, we have a great working relationship and are constantly coming up with new ideas to grow the company online. My main role has been to build up their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to try and get rankings in Google. This always involves a lot of ground work so I did a thorough technical site audit, which we are still working through the gaps and issues found from that to really get the site to a good technical level, lots of keyword research also was and continues to be undertaken to ensure we are targeting the right kewyphrases. There was no reporting on site performance so I set up all the required tools such as Google Search Console and send over regular SEO and website performance reports so we are all on the same page and not working in the dark. I optimised some great pieces of content and we have seen some great results from that. With the team in house building their social media presence, I also send a monthly social media dashboard, showing performance and impact on website traffic, engagement etc each month.

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