The Art of Sophisticated Web Design

Framed Skyline Web Design Image

A lot goes into designing and developing a new website. I am a perfectionist, I will get your site right. Design depends on objective, ultimately we want the design to engage and guide the customer to ensure they can see and buy what they want easily. I make sure we showcase your brand and services in the best way possible, maximising the site’s potential at every opportunity to get you new customers and sales.

User Journey

A bit of a ‘buzz word’ but very important none the less. It goes without saying that I want to create you a beautiful site but never underestimate the importance of functionality and in particular user journey. The site’s navigation needs to include key pages, allowing customers to always be able to find what they are looking for no matter what page they are on. The layout needs to be clear and simple, depending on what messages and copy you need to convey, clean, fresh websites tend to have higher levels of engagement and higher conversion rates.

Web Design and SEO

Different pages, with unique URLs allowing you to target different subjects on each page is not only a great way to keep a clear user journey but it is the right way to build a technical SEO friendly website. I always build with this in mind and recommend different ideas to present copy based on this. For example, use subcategories, if you have an E-Commerce website, ensure your categories have relevant sub categories, split the pages out where you can. I also ensure breadcrumbs and pagination are set up properly for these pages, ensure there is enough space on a product page to write a good description of the product, split out your services pages and explain them all, again all these design details can have a big effect on SEO. Using a do it yourself builder or using a developer without digital marketing skills can and usually does mean your website will still need a lot of technical work to be ready to really go after some high positions in the Google search results. I will always design a website with SEO in mind and inform/explain my reasons behind these types of suggestions during the process.

Mobile Devices

Every website design needs to work on desktop, tablet and mobile. These all need to convey the same message and tone, they all need to function as well as each other and the design must be relevant to mobile. Most people view websites first on their phones so the website must be as engaging on mobile as it is on desktop. Every website I build is responsive. Meaning it will look correct on all devices, therefore my designs all encompass mobile elements. For example, changing the menu to a hamburger menu, ensuring imagery is responsive so it looks clear on all devices.

Imagery & Colours

I am a big believer in the power of imagery. A website is a visual thing. It needs to have an impact, it needs to do it’s job functionally first and foremost but it does matter that it looks good. Usually your own branding will dictate the colour scheme, however, simple is always most effective when it comes to website colours. White background is always sleek and stylish. Where you can really tell a story and create a vibe or brand personality is through imagery. The image style; some need a faded, sepia tone to their images to portray a vintage feel, some a bold, zoomed in, corporate feel. I can source the right imagery to help create the look you want and achieve the desired style of your website.

It’s the little things

I love the quote “The details are not the details. They make the design” I always give a high end look to the websites I design, usually this does come down to my OCD in that everything has to be perfectly aligned and the font has to be the right weight, colour, spacing etc BUT my OCD is good for you! This does create a better finish. It’s little things like social media icons, or social feeds being pulled into your site, why have the bog standard, clunky looking feeds or icons, I can style these up to be sleeker, smoother, even sometimes more subtle so they blend in with the site’s design more naturally, these small details will give you a beautiful looking website.

The above points are just some of the many elements that need to be given a lot of thought and attention when designing a website. Some are more obvious than others and there are plenty more I could add to the list. Rest assured I will always give due time and care ensuring all of these aspects are very much a part of the finished design I present to you. If you have any queries, I will always listen, answer and adjust until you are happy with the website design.