4th June 2020

Free Website Analysis Report

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What will the report include and why will it help?

This report will include analysis of technical and non-technical elements of your site, it will also include analysis of offsite signals such as social media and backlinks and their effectiveness. I will provide analysis of elements such as your website’s code, structure, speed, copy, imagery, links, social media signals and much more, I provide an in-depth report showing you where your strengths are and what your areas of focus should be to measurably improve your digital marketing results. This will also provide insight to how your website compares to individual competitors.

By providing me with Google Anlaytics access I can be much more detailed and include many more elements of the site to review such as what is your most engaging content, least engaging content, average time on site, bounce rate at page level, customer journey, drop out points, where your best quality traffic comes from, conversion rate and more. Importantly, I will include insights on every element as to why these metrics are as they are and include recommendations to improve weaker parts of your site and digital marketing strategy.